03 July, 2008

Coolest Thing Ever...

Well, maybe not ever... but definitely the coolest thing I've been involved in since Valour-IT.

Check this out! Right now it's a kind of "placeholder," but by the 4th of July, it will go "live." Today, the only video is Tommy Lasorda's, but videos of famous and everyday people are being uploaded at this very moment.

I'd apologize to all the Padres fans for having a Dodger up there, but as a die-hard fan myself, I have to say that I have a newfound love for Tommy. Go see what he says, and you'll understand how a Dodger could bring a Padres fan to tears off the field.

When the site goes live tomorrow, other famous people will be featured, and anybody will be able to upload non-political/non-partisan videos, pictures and words of gratitude and support for America's wonderful military men and women. To help get the word about MomentofThanks.com out to those men and women, Soldiers' Angels (who has been giving guidance and providing contacts on this project) has been given thousands of postcards advertising the site. They are already being included in care packages so that our military men and women will know about this wonderful project. And Soldiers' Angels will also be passing out Moment of Thanks flyers and recording Thank You messages at events around the country all summer and fall.

On the weekend we celebrate our initial independence, could there be a better time for us to thank the people who keep us free? As you celebrate our heritage and freedom, grab your camera and get some videos of people you know thanking our wonderful troops at the parades and fireworks and picnics! It doesn't have to be complicated or flashy--just turn on the camera and say "Thank you for your courageous service. We're proud of you!" Then, after you recover from the hot dogs, potato salad, BBQ and beer, sit down this weekend and upload it to MomentOfThanks.com.

Then, spread the word to the civilians and military folk you know! It's the Political Silly Season, and our military is being used and abused by the political types, pushed and pulled in every direction... let's remind them that America's heart is still in the right place and we've got their backs.