05 October, 2008

Blue and Gold (and Red)

Spent the day at the air show. After having seen the Thunderbirds last year, I'd forgotten how good the Blue Angels really are.

I'm sorry, T-birds, but it's not even close. Amazing show... They've added some new elements, and this seemed to be a particularly top-notch program today--well-paced, beautiful, and worth every bit of the blazing sunburn I now have.

Sadly, I stopped recording way too soon on that last one (I'm still learning this fun little camera). The plane in center screen continued its trajectory and flew directly over me at a low level. Just awesome.

Of course, I had a very Fuzzybear moment. In the more exciting portions of the program I was standing on the bench, three rows from the top of the stands at show center. It was a bit wobbly, especially when other people stepped up or down on it, so I constantly adjusted my balance in minute ways as I peered out from under my pink camo boonie in the glaring light, looking left to right or pirouetting to watch formations coalesce behind us.

You can see it coming, can't you?

At one point in the Blue Angels show the Diamond was exiting to the west, circling behind the stands. I tracked it behind us for a few seconds, then turned back to the front just in time to see one of the Solos bringing it in a low-level, unannounced, high-speed pass right in front of us.

I opened my mouth in excitement with everyone else... just as an ear-splitting roar exploded directly above me; they'd done a double sneak on us. I squeaked and jerked in surprise... which was enough to doom the careful balancing act. After several suspended seconds of useless arm-flailing, I fell off my perch and into the people behind me.

They thought it was hilarous. Nothing damaged but my pride.