12 October, 2008

I'm Very Joint

I was doing my laundry yesterday and realized I have the following...

1. Marine "Corps Values" shirt - acquired when kids I worked with received anti-drug training
2. Army Strong T-shirt - acquired in Las Vegas at luncheon for Milblog panelists
3. Air Force Thunderbirds T-shirt - "uniform" for the airshow when I was an MCCS employee
4. U.S.S. STENNIS shirt and cap - from my DV cruise

I even have an "Ask Me About the National Guard" T-shirt. All I need is something Coast Guard and I've got it all covered...

Actually, it says a lot about my military-related experiences; I've got so many acronyms from the different services all mixed up in my head that I end up doing things like blithely talking to Marine wives about FRGs (Army), or asking a new Soldier about his DI (Marines). And this week I'll be attending a grand opening event with a bunch of military VIPs... Even though I know my senior ranks for Army, Navy and Marines cold, watch me address an admiral as "General ______," or call a sergeant major "Master Chief."

Wouldn't be the first time in the last month I got the honorifics all screwed up... :P