14 November, 2008

Yes, I'm Bragging

Yes, it's the real deal [click both to enlarge]:

John, I'm gaining on you...

And for those who want to know how it happened: I was actually turning away from him when he stopped me. I had been imposing on him on behalf of others (gold star father, video for the troops, etc) all evening, and finally--with great apology for asking one final favor--I requested a picture. My bravado gave out shortly thereafter and I was mortified for having asked such a silly thing and was trying to get away as quickly as possible after the photo when he reached out to stop me and said something nice that I don't really remember as he placed his coin in my hand.

Of course, the typical Fuzzybear part of it is that a few minutes later when I pulled it out of my purse for the first time, I dropped it on the marble floor--CLANG!--(it's heavy!) and it now has a dent just to the left of the word "Presented."

But as Chuck Z said to me when I told him the whole story, "It takes serious confidence to approach the most powerful military man in the world and request anything... and you did it four times?! Girl, you've got balls!"

Maybe that's why the Admiral gave me his coin--he was just in awe of my nerve. :P