02 July, 2009


What I know/understand about men could probably fit in a thimble, but this really struck me...

And then there was my dad, who told me the day of the Sanford news conference something to the effect that ‘you have no idea how easy it is for men to completely lose their minds because of infatuation with women.’

Many sensible and happily-married women say "men are easy," meaning that if you give them respect, loving attention and physical affection... they're all yours.

And I heard someone on a talk show today say that a woman with a husband who is about to stray has an unbelievable amount of power because--unless he's an absolute louse--he wants to make the marriage work and just needs some love: genuine warmth and respect from her and he'll forget anyone else.

Don't know if any of those ideas are true, but they do make me think I could make a lucky guy very happy... ;)