28 July, 2009

Reading List

I don't have time to write much, but I wanted to share...

Corporal Dunham and his ship - This is just too much for words.

A crown or the American Army?
- Which would you prefer?

Too beautiful to describe - For my friends who fly in the front seat... and those who dream of doing so.

"As the Colonel said on his Twitter site..." - Another sign of the military starting to "get it" in terms of both IO and new media?

A Janitor's 10 Lessons in Leadership - Humbling... and very inspiring.

Volcanos and more!
- Incredible pictures from space.

Mortuary NCO - One of the quiet heroes.

Quartermasters - More of those dumb hicks who couldn't do anything but join the military. Ha!

Marines on the Taliban - Reminds me of Greyhawk always telling us not to underestimate the enemy's intelligence and sophistication.