27 August, 2009

Four FbL Weeks

It may not seem like much, but for someone who doesn't even have to step outside the house in order to work a 40-50-hour week in front of the computer, this is a lot! Two days ago I only had two things scheduled for these four weeks. I'm almost afraid to discover what will get added tomorrow...

September 15 - A day of touring a Marine base to see infantry training/facility. Supposedly it includes eating an MRE for lunch. Yuck--I'm a vegetarian!
September 18-19 - Representing my employer at a pre-Emmys event in Studio City, CA. I don't quite understand it all yet, but it does involve VIPs and TV stars. Cool thing? I'm going to have to treat myself to salon hair and makeup for the day in order to not offend the Beautiful Peoples' aesthetic sensibilities. Probably have to buy a new outfit, too... ;)
September 26 - Representing my employer at an event for military spouses
September 30 - Unveiling of work of art donated via my employer to local military hospital in combat casualty care ward.
October 14-17 - Coordinate and staff a booth at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas (hopefully this will also include some national media exposure). If you've had any experience in conferences/trade shows, you know that this item alone will be keeping me busy well before it actually starts.

Funny thing? Just this week the boss asked when I'd be taking my vacation. Bwahahahaha!

Note that I didn't bother to list the weekly day of volunteering at the USO... And somewhere in one of those weekends I have to fit my gift certificate for aerial dogfighting. And one more wrinkle in this: I've been slowly and steadily losing weight due to increased exercise, enough so that clothes are starting to sag (I've gone from tight "fat clothes" to semi-loose "skinny clothes"). How much do you want to bet that by the end of September I'm going to be shopping for a new wardrobe?

I know, nobody cares. But I had to blog something!