03 August, 2009

Grammar Nitpick of the Day

To certain people who are driving me nuts today...

It's "He gave it to John and me," NOT "John and I!!!"

You don't have to know any fancy grammar to get this one right, folks.

Here's the simple way to ensure accuracy: Anytime you don't know if it's me or I, just take out the other person in the sentence. For example, the sentence I started with--take out John: "He gave it to I," or "He gave it to me?" Obviously, "me." So it's, "He gave it to John and me."

Another common issue: "John and me went outside." No, just do the same thing with this sentence as the other one: "Me went outside" or "I went outside?" Of course, it's "John and I went outside."

See, it's not hard.

And no, you do not sound educated, intelligent or sophisticated when you stand up in front of your adoring electorate and say, "Our time in public service has meant so much to Mary and I."

You just sound like a pompous idiot who thinks he knows more than he does.

Okay, rant over. *dusts chalk off hands*