18 August, 2009

Mind Over Matter

As might be seen in the posts I wrote below, I was in a foul mood for most of the day, the kind of mood that makes you want to say, "To hell with work! Let's go eat chocolate and watch a movie!" Well, I persevered and completed my work (and only indulged lightly in the chocolate), though it was a real battle with my undisciplined mind.

This evening I dragged my sorry rear end out to go bike riding, knowing that was the only reasonable cure available to me. Less than 50 yards from where I'd started, I almost turned around--seriously considered it. I had NO strength in my legs. Nothing. It was just Instant Exhausted Legs, which I fought on every press of the pedals for the entire ride. I started out feeling like I'd just climbed a hill on the bike. Even though I went a couple miles shorter than ususal, my leg muscles were twitching with exhaustion when I was done.

The only thing I can think of is that my dark and foul mood all day had affected my body. I've experienced the impact of pushing through previous physical limits using positive mental feedback, and I know that specific thoughts such as "I'll never get up this hill" can actually make a physical challenge harder. But I'd never thought that a generally negative mood could have such a profound effect on physical strength/endurance.


Another life lesson to file away...