31 August, 2009

Our Navy

As a non military type, this whole evolution seems to translate to if it seems easy, blame the people who do the job - they make it look easy. And it’s not.

Take a look at some of the people who make it look easy, then check out one of the things they make look oh-so-easy (be sure to read the comments for a fuller understanding).

From an Air Force pilot:
Every branch has it’s technical quirks, but from A-Z, top to bottom, the Navy hands down has a MUCH more massive gaggle of high tech equip. to understand, train for, and operate just for “normal-normal” daily ops, let alone combat, as compared to the AF or other branches–whether it’s aviation, subs or Surface Warfare units. My hat’s off to you guys.

And the vast majority of those people handling that "massive gaggle of high tech equipment" with such professional success in some of the most dangerous and demanding industrial environments in the world... are high school graduates just a couple years out of school.

The U.S. Navy at sea is definitely one of those topics where the more you know, the more impressed you are.