24 September, 2009

Commander in Chief

I suppose part of why I'm not blogging right now is that the big military-related issue right now is Afghanistan, and it's a political snake pit. I hate writing about politics.

But a couple of other people have been saying it well without turning into the raving, foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic I'd be if I started on the topic...

Marine Wife Cassandra: Take Your Time, Mr. President

Retired Naval Officer Lex: Walk Back

Former Marine and current military/foreign policy analyst Steve Schippert had a couple of very pointed Tweets today:

On the news that Biden is offering a different plan for Afghanistan (Reportedly Obama's had ONE meeting on the topic since he received McChrystal/Petraeus' report on August 1) -- Mr. President, it's essentially come down to Petraeus or Biden on war, insurgecy, terror. You're pondering what, exactly?

After Obama's speech to the UN, followed by Netanyahu's defense of Israel before the same body -- Dear Mr. President, Please study Bibi Netanyahu to learn how a leader speaks of the nation he leads. Remedial classes available @ office.