11 September, 2009

The National Squadron

Over at Lex's house, a commenter had a fascinating analogy to explain and illuminate the meaning of the congressman who shouted out in anger (frustration?) during Obama's speech last night. He compares it to the subtleties of leadership and chain of command (two very different things) in a naval aviation squadron, and what happens when the lower levels rebel:

So, it is like a squadron. If the troops ever think the CO thinks he is better than them, that his job is to command, and their job is to shut up and do what he says, then don’t be surprised when it grinds to a halt. There has to be mutual respect – a recognition that while the jobs and responsibilities may be different, they are all valuable, and everyone deserves to be listened to, respected, and appreciated.

That’s where we are — the line, av/arm, and a/c divisions are all convinced. Admin, CMC and the ready room are on board, and cheering. Those closest to the front office are ebullient, but downstairs they are pissed — and since the CO went straight from first cruise to the front office, he is occludo. Wilson is just "AD3 Jones" — a lower impulse control level than most, willing to say what many others were thinking. The CO doesn’t realize, and frankly doesn’t care, that Jones is just the tip of the iceberg.