19 March, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

Excerpted from a Facebook chat with my friendly neighborhood chaplain-in-training (C-i-T) tonight:

FbL: Hi! Guess what I'm doing tomorrow... *wink*

C-i-T: You're probably going flying with Lex, aren't you?

FbL: *grin* *grin* *grin* Psychic!

C-i-T: you totally suck

FbL: Ah, such love and acceptance from the chaplain-in-training! I'm gonna report you!

C-i-T: have I told you how much you suck?


C-i-T: cuz you suck


C-i-T: suck suck suckety suck suck

FbL: Bwahahahahahaha

FbL: You make me laugh so hard I cough! Not nice! :P

C-i-T: maybe you should get an egg



FbL: Thanks, I needed to laugh today.

C-i-T: Oh hey, I have a joke for you

FbL: what?

C-i-T: Knock Knock

FbL: Hehe. I can see this one coming... who's there?

C-i-T: YOU SUCK!!!

FbL: At least you're predictable... :P

C-i-T: Now i'm laughing

[boring conversation redacted]

FbL: They said I'll be flying against a guy from Italy. Should I be nice to that famous Italian machismo?

C-i-T: not at all

FbL: Let him win one?

C-i-T: heck no!

Well, what do you expect from a former Marine? Something like, "You can take the Chaplain out of the Marines, but..." comes to mind.

I suppose I'll have to let the Italian win one fight. I mean, he IS a guest and all...

UPDATE: Yes, famous last words. I'll probably make a fool of myself... Either way, I'm sure it'll be fun!