29 September, 2010

Geaux Saints! *cringe*

As a Chargers fan, it pains me to write this but I have to give credit where credit is due... ;)

From a resident of Louisiana who forwarded this to me: This is being circulated all over New Orleans. FYI the Saints also did Rehabbing with the Troops through WWP & there was NO PR for it. The guys even came to town preseason and not a news story. That is how it should be sometimes!

Here are more reasons to be a Saints fan. CJ is the son of a VP at my company who wrote the email below. CJ was seriously wounded in Afghanistan and as you’ll read in the email below, has been in Walter Reed for a very long time and has endured many surgeries. When the Saints went to visit Walter Reed after leaving the White House, they heard about the Louisiana native and were all excited to meet him and all spent a very long time with him. We look at the Saints as a big deal, but even after just meeting the president and being honored as champs, they all recognized and knew that CJ is the real hero.

(Original email below:)

Attached are a few pictures from yesterday. New Orleans Saints came to Walter Reed after their visit to the White House. Notice a couple of things:

1. CJ is standing in each picture. Since Saturday he has worn his shoes all day, walked everywhere (Saturday was 1st time he has worn shoes and walked more than 5 steps in 53 days), and refuses to get in his bed during the day. He is getting stronger physically which is going along with his mental and spiritual strength which has been there all along.

2. Color in his face is back and he has gained back about 15 of the 28 lbs he lost.

1. – CJ and Drew Brees
2. – CJ and Coach Payton
3. – CJ and defensive line
4. – CJ and Robin

The Saints were very gracious. If you are a fan, you can be very proud of the class they showed. Hospital staff said they spent more time there than anyone ever has. They told Robin CJ was special to them because he is from Louisiana .

They really went out of their way. They all signed his flag and one of them gave him a Saints hat and the rest signed when they came to see him. Coach Payton gave us his cell number and invited us to spend a weekend in New Orleans as their guests when CJ gets back to Mississippi .

Drew Brees must have signed 20 things and gave them to him. The highlight for us was when CJ gave Drew Brees his Wounded Warrior hat and Drew promised to wear it on the sidelines. He said he would get fined by the NFL for wearing it and he would make sure the fine was donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. THEN he asked for CJ’s autograph.

Not a bad day! I guess I am going to have to become a Saints fan!

Become a Saints fan? Never!!