04 August, 2005

Why it's Important

Fuzzilicious Thinking seems to be developing into an adjunct of CPT Ziegenfuss' TC Override. But what he is going through is such a wonderful example of why I am so serious about finding a way to provide all our soldiers who may have wounded hands and arms access to a computer that they can use.

CPT Z is obviously enjoying his "new toy" very much. His wife, Carren, has made another post, and she writes of what the newly-acquired voice-to-text software has already meant to her husband's continuing recovery:

I know Chuck is much happier now that he is able to blog, despite the fact that the voice recognition thing can be a hassle sometimes. He is very grateful to have it. He loves to see how many people comment when he posts. This blog is really an amazing thing for him and very instrumental for his healing. Alice and I can only do so much...

Not every soldier who needs the voice software is a blogger, of course. But I'd guess it's not the blogging itself that's the point with CPT Z, it's about the opportunity for self-expression and the way it allows him to reach far beyond the hospital walls. A soldier without a blog would still use a computer in much the same way: to communicate across the miles and maintain contact with a circle of people who are supportive of his recovery.

Speaking of... nothing is official yet, but things are falling into place. Mostly we're just waiting to communicate with the medical institutions potentially involved so that we can identify the extent of the need and how best that need would be filled. But as soon as that part of the picture is clear, we will be ready to hit the ground running with the PR and fundraising effort. Yes!! I can hardly wait!

That's why this developing project is so important.

UPDATE: As of 8/10/05 we are up and running at Soldiers' Angels