23 February, 2006

One Soldier's Valour-IT Story--UPDATED

You may remember this story of a soldier who lost three limbs in Iraq, written last Veterans Day as he anticipated receiving a Valour-IT laptop that would enable him to use a computer despite his severe injuries.

A Soldiers' Angel working with this wounded soldier's family shared the latest on him in a comment today on the original post:

B came in town for a benefit dinner to help raise funds for his family. He walked into the room with his prosthetic legs, he was smiling and overwhelmed at the support he and his family received. No one was aware that B was going to be there. I do not think there was a dry eye in the room. He still has therapy but his spirit is strong. He has an amazing support group of family and friends.

The laptop was the first step to the road to recovery. It proved that he was going to be able to do all the things that he did before.

And yes, I did cry over this project.

Project Valour-IT is an important project for our wounded heroes.
Read that bolded paragraph again. It is so much more than just a laptop. The independence and communication it provides become a fundamental part of a wounded warrior's recovery.

As mentioned before, Valour-IT is still in desperate need of donations. Please give what you can.