29 July, 2005

Software for Soldiers

A call for help:

Captain Ziegenfuss of From My Position recently asked for help in acquiring voice-to-text software so that his hand and arm injuries would not make it so difficult for him to continue to blog. Thankfully he has many generous readers, and multiple software programs were instantly offered him. This got commenters thinking about how many of his fellow patients at Walter Reed might benefit from from voice-to-text and speech-recognition software (both for putting thoughts to the electronic page, as well as nagivating the Internet and using other standard software programs when they are unable to use their hands).

It wouldn't surprise me if various organizations and corporations have already donated equipment or software that meets the needs of those with hand/arm injuries, but it seems there's still a need.

Anybody out there know the best way to go about discovering the extent of the need (at Walter Reed and elsewhere), and how we might be able to help fill it?


The barest edges of a vision are starting to develop, and the players are beginning to step up to the plate. Watch here for updates.

If you can help (i.e. leadership, ideas, contacts, PR, etc.), please comment below (email addresses of commenters are not accessible to other readers).