22 August, 2005

Linky Love

Well, I've found the solution to lack of time to do what I need/want these days... get sick! Taking the day off from work today ($#%@ little, darling, lovable Germ Factories on Legs I work with!) gives me the chance to post some linky love. There's too much good stuff out for me to share it all, but here are some high points...

The San Diego milbloggers (so close, yet so far!) had a bash last night, and Sean included pictures! Now we know what everybody looks like, though it might require a bit of detective work. For example, the top picture has the lovely Mrs. Smash in the foreground, so I think we know whose arm that is around her, haha!. Oops! My first serious blog error; the lovely lady in question is Kevin's friend, Grazie (and no, that's not Smash with his arm around her). She looks a lot like what I recalled of Mrs. Smash's publicity photos. Many apologies to both lovely ladies.

And speaking of San Diego bloggers, Lex exceeds his usual level of high quality with a post on the "Arab mind." He may not have the answers, but he's definitely got all the right questions. Also, if you haven't been following his "Rhythms" serial story, you've been missing out! Start here (heart-quickening) and here (heart-touching) to get hooked, then go back to the beginning.

On the Valour-IT front, Bloodspite of Techography has put up an excellent post in support of Valour-IT today.

Ok, imagine you're injured. Lying flat on your back. You can't write. You can't type. Your hands are bandaged so you can't use a phone. Your family is over 12,000 miles away and you're in a bed surrounded by folks in white.

Where do you draw your support from? Who do you turn too? What about your wife/husband/kid back home?

We have a solution. And you can help.
In other Valour-IT news, we're about halfway to our Bethesda goal, after only 12 days of operation. In fact, 10 laptops and software, etc., are in the mail already (a couple will be pushed over to Walter Reed for urgent needs there). If you want to volunteer your skills in various areas, check out the opportunities.

On a related note, CPT Z and Soldiers' Angels were featured in a Washington Post article. He even has some good things to say about the reporter! He's been doing a lot of great posting. Just go to the top and scroll on down (don't miss the awesome pics!).