21 August, 2005

The Press and Chickens (It's not what you think)

We here at Valour-IT were all a-twitter this weekend, expecting at least a mention in the Washington Post. A reporter had sat with the Ziegenfuss family and a Soldiers' Angel volunteer for hours, and Project Valour-IT had reportedly been discussed quite a bit, among other topics. My phone number and name were given to the reporter, and spelling and pronunciation were checked with me. Everyone involved and those of us at Soldiers' Angels and Valour-IT had high hopes for a busy week, based on the article.

The article went out today and Chuck and family and the Soldiers' Angels volunteer were painted in rather nice terms, fortunately . But, no mention of Valour-IT... not even a hint. *sigh* It's a funny quirk the press seems to have--they get to choose write they write about, haha! And it read a bit like maybe the editor had taken a chainsaw to it, so who knows...

At least they gave CPT Z's website address. His current top post is about Valour-IT, so maybe we'll get some spillage from there.

But, back to the press drawing board, I guess. And something about chickens and counting...?