07 August, 2005

Project Name Update

We have one nomination for a project name:

The SFC William V Ziegenfuss Heroes' Electronically-aided Reach to Text Project, aka "The H.E.A.R.T. Project" (thanks, Boquisucio!). I like it a bunch. I'm concerned that it's quite a mouthful, but it's up for consideration.

Please keep the suggestions coming. We've got to have a name by Monday night.

And More Project News:
Once again, Holly Aho is proving her title of Soldiers' Angel. She has offered her services in design of the project webpage on the Soldiers' Angels server. She's a genuine expert on professional webpage design and I'm sure she'll be a tremendous asset in getting the word out effectively.

UPDATE: We have another nomination! Getting Injured Veterans Electronically-connected, aka "Project G.I.V.E." Or a variation on that--Operation GIVER: Getting Injured Veterans Electronically Reconnected.

UPDATE 2: CW4BillT of Castle Argghhh! has kindly sent his readers here to help choose the name. All ya'll please feel free to comment, suggest and opine on the matter.

And please check out the post below to learn why, whatever the name, the project will be in honor of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, beloved father of CPT Chuck Ziegenfuss (and drop by CPT Z's place to encourage him as he deals with hearing-related surgery that seems to have him uncharacteristically out-of-sorts).

UPDATE 3: As of 8/10/05 we are up and running at Soldiers' Angels