09 August, 2005

Project Update

I'm running on adrenaline at this point (sleep? food? Yeah... I think I may have a passing familiarity with them, haha!), up to my eyeballs in final planning and coordinating for the Wednesday kick-off. Corporate suppliers have been lined up, and wonderful, providential things have been happening. Check out Castle Argghhh! for a little more info.

An official webpage will be up on the Soldiers' Angels website by Wednesday morning. If you have any questions, suggestions, or offers of help before then, click "email me" under the picture on the right. I will be checking my email all day, and have a package of background info I can supply to anyone who wants it.

In the meantime, huge thank yous to the amazing people already involved. Why don't you join us? We're saving a place for you...

UPDATE: Go here to offer graphic design assistance.

UPDATE: As of 8/10/05 we are up and running at Soldiers' Angels