02 August, 2005

Software for Soldiers (update)

[I debated whether to make this post, since I have so little I can be specific about. But I'm so excited, and I wanted to let you all know that things are starting to become clearer.]

Lots of great things are happening in the developing drive to provide adaptive software and equipment to soldiers with hand/arm wounds so that they can use computers! Unfortunately, I can't be specific yet. But here's what's up (we still need more help in all these areas, as well as any ideas, assistance, and input someone may have):

  • We have an offer for significant donations of basic software like Windows XP and Microsoft Office
  • Several people in a position to offer assistance, advice, and contacts have stepped up
  • A number of people have said they are very excited, and willing to pitch in whenever a specific need is identified

Best of all, an organization that assists deployed/wounded military members has offered to "help make it happen" (details haven't been discussed).

Now we just need to figure out what exactly what we want to do. But it's starting to gather momentum...

CPT Ziegenfuss is focused on helping out his fellow soldiers at Walter Reed, but hopefully we can reach far beyond just that location, and help a great number of our wounded soldiers feel more independent, as well as better-connected to their families/friends and their buddies still in the field.

This is so exciting! (Have a mentioned that yet?)