28 August, 2005

A Special Bond

Much is made of the "Special Bond" between the U.S. and Britain. But one of our most stalwart allies in Afghanistan and Iraq has been Australia. I told you about Rachel and the donor from Australia last week. The donor had posted the "thank you" from Valour-IT (no, I didn't write it). We received the following letter in response to our "thank you":

Hi there!

Thank you for the email. I wanted to draw your attention to the last two paragraphs...

Our information shows you to be located in Australia. It is heartening to know that news of our efforts has travelled so far.

If you are a citizen of Down Under: "Good on you, mate!" Your support of this project spotlights the strong bond of friendship between the peoples of our two countries, for which we are equally grateful

Believe me when I say it is us (the huge majority of us anyway) who are greatful to our US friends for their help in WW2. If not for you we would be speaking Japanese, this is a fact. Our government of the day had already planned to concede half of Australia to the Japanese. They had planned to call all troops in Australia to defend us accross what became known (I think) as "The Brisbane Line". Basically handing half the nation to the Japanese.

The US saved the day, most of the old timers will tell you this with little encouragement. Unfortunately we, just like you, have left wing sad cases who try to rewrite history, and try to belittle all we two nations stand for. I do not believe there are two other nations on earth seperated by so much distance who share so much in common.

I will go to my grave supporting the American alliance. It was actually my mother who made the donation through me. She has no credit card or paypal.

Thank you for such a great cause and God bless your great nation.

Hats off to our courageous Allies, and to the great generation (of both our countries) who fought so hard for freedom, ultimately making our Special Relationship today possible.