26 August, 2005

Valour-IT Update

Dear visitor, if you are dropping by due to the kindness of Captain's Quarters or Day by Day (or many of the other bloggers that have recently linked)... Welcome to my very humble corner of the blogosphere. I had barely started blogging before Valour-IT took over my life. So, there's not much here that isn't on that subject. And what isn't may or may not be worthy of your attention. So, browse around as you will, but the only really important link is on the right--the link for Project Valour-IT's main website (and donation page). If you doubt the good your donation can do, see this and this. If you want to know more about the history of Valour-IT, try this.

Now to the Valour-IT News...

Great news! Thanks to Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters, and Chris Muir of Day by Day, things are already hopping around here (Three donations before 7:00 pacific).

AND Chris Muir has generously made Valour-IT the subject of his cartoon today! Be sure you take a look at it. Thank you, thank you, Chris!

And maybe it was Chris' cartoon that made Ed Morrissey take note of us. Whatever the inspiration, he has an excellent post on the subject. He also gave a link to this humble little blogger (*eyes bugging out*)! Thank ye kindly, Captain, for both. :)

And now it's back to the sickbed for me... *waving feebly*