25 September, 2005

What "Get Out of Iraq" Really Means

In another of her amazing essays, Cassandra articulates one of the many reasons why the "anti-war" pressure to leave Iraq prematurely is so repugnant, and bereft of fundamental human decency. [For those who may not know, Cassandra is a Marine officer's wife, veteran of many deployments of family and friends]. The entire thing is excellent, but her closing paragraphs are powerful:

The anti-war Left has told us over and over that Iraq is a quagmire: another Vietnam. It is not, of course. The differences are numerous and striking, but the unpalatable truth is that they long to make it one. And the old adage, "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it" may well come true once again; for if we withdraw too soon from Iraq, we betray not only the Iraqis, but 150,000 men and women who have served bravely, believing that their service actually stood for something.

Believing that America meant what she said.

How sad for them to find out that the country they believed in with all their hearts is but a paper tiger: a nation of videots whose attention span lasts no longer than the next episode of Survivor Vanuatu?

That we sent them into danger and bloodshed and toil on a fool's errand and then, losing interest, said, "Oh... nevermind. This isn't really all that important after all."

Perhaps you can look that young graduate stepping off the parade ground in the eye after we make it clear what he has just signed up to serve: a nation that doesn't honor its commitments. A nation that will ask him and his friends to die for causes it does not really believe in.

I know I can't.
And here is a Marine of 3 deployments to Iraq (commenter "USMC in Iraq" at Indepundit) who says the same thing his own way in response to a the commenter I quoted in yesterday's post:

How many Iraqis have you had to look in the eye and promise that you would not desert them...then have to worry that your own countrymen would be the cause of you breaking your promise? I know the answer to the last question -you and those who espouse your belief are telling them, "you're days are numbered...we're going to do everything we can so that you suffer the same fate as the Vietnamese and Cambodians" Why? God knows...I sure can't figure it out. [...] Despite your best efforts, I am betting my life, as so many Iraqis are betting their lives and the lives and future of their children, that Iraq will succeed as a democratic nation. I know why I am here and what my efforts are worth. Go look yourselves in the mirror and tell me what you are....and what it's worth..then tell me how you can live with yourselves.
These two say it better than my feeble attempts of yesterday. I'll give a nod of respect to genuine pacifists, and I'll pity those too unintelligent to comprehend the meaning of their actions...but this is why I find the majority of "anti-war" protestors so disturbing and disgraceful.