15 October, 2005

Congratulations to the Iraqi People!

The polls have closed in Iraq, after an historic day that was largely free of violence and marked by high voter turnouts.

Congratulations, Iraq! And congratulations to the brave people of many countries who made the day the success it was.

Please do read the article I linked above. The pictures below are from the article. The article paints a picture of what the activities must have been like, describing families going to the polls together, wearing their best clothes, etc. Very cool.

The NY Times has an excellent article written at the opening of the polls, that has a
very balanced view of Iraqi attitudes leading up to the election. One particular quote jumped out at me.

"During the Saddam regime I lost two sons," said Saliema Khidher, 50. "I have only one daughter left, I am here today to vote with yes for the sake of Iraqi people because I consider them my sons."

Puts all the insane politics and media issues back in perspective, doesn't it?

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