15 October, 2005


I first heard this exchange on the radio. I was stunned. I know the name of reporter Dana Milbank, though I've never purchased a copy of the Washington Post, and I know the actual names of very few reporters. He's definitely a bigwig on the Washington, D.C. journalistic/politico scene. Yet, during a discussion on MSNBC of that already-infamous teleconference, Milbank mocked the Iraqi NCO involved, mimicking the accent and broken English of the soldier as he thanked President Bush. The host on MSNBC actually played along with Milbank!!!

The whole exchange once again leaves me speechless at the intellectual corruption of the media. Fortunately Swanky Conservative isn't at a loss for words:

How f**king rude can Milbank be to dismiss with a regal wave of his hand the well-wishes and sincerity of an Iraqi man? Sod, f**king off you ivory-towered blowhard! You are out of touch and in serious denial of reality at best.

...Milbank, you are an ass.
He's worse. He's an arrogant, racist, condescending, intellectually-stunted, coldhearted, self-important pig.

And what's really scary is that his peers in the media don't seem to think that's a problem.

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