06 October, 2005

FbL Joins the 21st Century

I am no longer a Luddite! The Cable ISP guy came this morning and I've got the wireless up and running now, too. It's AWESOME!!! What's even more cool is that it turns out that my worthless desktop computer can handle this one little thing without crashing: hosting the WiFi.

One little hitch, though: IE on my laptop doesn't recognize that it has access to an Internet connection, though the laptop says WiFi is connected. Any geeks out there who can help me?

Update: It turned out to be even worse than that. But all fixed now, thanks to Masked Menace, Flightpundit, and a very nice guy in the Yahoo "Computers Chat Room." *does little happy dance* Now all I need is a chair on the patio so I can sit out there with my laptop while I enjoy the view of the lake. :D

Oh! And somebody to help me set it up so that I can print from laptop without wires to the printer, too. ;)