03 November, 2005

Another Way to Help

CPT Chuck Ziegenfuss was the inspiration and co-creator for Valour-IT back in August. In June, he had suffered serious injuries from his encounter with an IED in Iraq, including severely injuring the nerves in his left hand. He's recovering well, but has returned to Walter Reed for another round of surgery on his left hand.

This time around it's been particularly hard for him and his wife Carren, as they are realizing that recovery is going to be a very long process, and he's coping with the fact that he has recently been officially replaced as commander of the tank company he led in Iraq (still deployed).

Both of them have been inspirational in their ability to cope with this, but they had a really rough day yesterday. On their blog, Carren wrote:

This is just tough, and it sucks, and I wish that Chuck had his life back the way it was, as w/ the whole family. BUT, this is our life now and I know I can't turn back time and change anything. But sometimes that is a hard thing to swallow, ya know?
They both need all the support they can get right now. Go visit their blog and let them know you're pulling for them (he also loves funny cards, and they've posted an address where you can send them)..

And yes, it's okay to send cards and notes to a member of Team Army, but the donations for the friendly Valour-IT fundraising competition go through Team Navy. ;)

Go Navy!