04 November, 2005

Laughter Instead of Tears

Thanks to Bill Faith of Small Town Veteran, another artist has written a cartoon in support of Valour-IT. Mike Wallster, blogger and cartoonist, puts his dark humor to work, at Bill's urging.

I imagine most people might react to losing use of the hands in the way the character below does. But thanks to Valour-IT and all of you generous donors, that's not how our wounded warriors need respond.

In fact, this cartoon reminds me of a teenaged wounded warrior who is currently recovering at Walter Reed. He didn't know about Valour-IT, but a caring friend of his did. This young soldier has lost the use of one of his hands. Since he had plans to go to college after his enlistment, he's been worried that the door to academia is now closed to him, or at least that it's going to be much, much harder for him.

He doesn't know it yet, but he's about to receive a voice-activated laptop, thanks to the wonderful donors who have stepped up to help in these last three days.

This is what it's all about, folks.

UPDATE: Mike has produced another cartoon for Valour-IT. This one really made me laugh!