04 November, 2005

Competition Update

UPDATE: Valour-IT News.

In three days of Valour-IT fundraising, we have exceeded the 10-day goal of this competition! The teams of Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force have together raised over $25,000 through over 380 280 electronic donations!! That does not include any matching funds from employers, or any checks that have been mailed.

Right now, I'm pretty much speechless with shock and joy on that subject!

This afternoon I spoke to Patti Bader, Founder of Soldiers' Angels and the advisor for Project Valour-IT. I asked her if we should continue the competition beyond our original goal, and I shared with her my concern that we might be siphoning funds away from the General Fund or the Christmas projects. Much to my surprise, she assured me that was not the case. She said that SA has also been receiving a good amount of money lately and that she expects to have money to do all the Christmas activities that have been planned.

She also firmly told me to continue the competition right through Veterans Day, as originally advertised. So...Army, Marines, and Air Force, you still have time to knock Navy out of its current first-place perch. Look for more information about that over the weekend.

Once again, words fail me when I try to describe how impressed, proud, excited, joyous, and thrilled I am by what all of you wonderful supporters of America's wounded warriors and Valour-IT are accomplishing!

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