05 November, 2005

Cox & Forkum for Valour-IT

John Cox and Allen Forkum form the editorial cartoon team of Cox & Forkum. Thanks to John Donovan and Bill Faith, they have put their talent to the service of Valour-IT, and this is the result.

Cox & Forkum have already assisted Valour-IT in ways that they asked not be publicized, but I didn't know this was in the works until Allen emailed me a preview this morning. When I opened the email attachment, tears came to my eyes. He and John have an amazing ability to express so much in just a picture and a few words. I don't know what to say, other than, "Thank you! It's beautiful."

See it in it's original form on their website. Though they don't have a comments section on their website, Allen has the link to this post and will see any comments you leave here.

UPDATE: Cox & Forkum have generously given this cartoon to Valour-IT to use in any manner we wish. So, look for it to appear soon on T-shirts and mugs (and maybe more) for fundraising purposes.