06 November, 2005

Valour-IT and the Marines

Just before the current fundraising competition began, I received an email from Soldiers' Angels. It was originally sent by Marine SSG John Szczepanowski, Valour-IT's contact at Walter Reed who handles the laptops there. He wrote:

I just want to let you know that by now you may have had a call from two very excited Marines. Corporal X of 2/2 was the first Marine to receive a laptop. This Marine once served at 8th and I [Marine Corps Headquarters] and Camp David before deploying with 2/2. He suffered a amputation of his left arm and right leg. I felt this was someone who deserved to make full use of the lap top and let him know it was his to hold and keep...

The second Marine is LCPL X from 3/10... Again I know that Marines that recieved these laptops really appreciate it just by the smile on their faces.
SSG Szczepanowski said that he will soon be sending photos of these Marines. If we can get their approval, we will post their names and pictures here.

Just two additional wounded warriors Valour-IT is helping... Let's make sure we can help even more.

The Eagle, Globe and Anchor graphic above was shamelessly stolen from Flight Pundit.