19 November, 2005

Linky Love

Since I don't seem to have anything of my own to say, check out these folks at the top of their game...

Lex paints a picture of what a premature pullout from Iraq would look like; it's not pretty. Rationales and questions of implementation aside, this is why we can't just "let it go."

SGT Hook shares a passionate letter from a paratrooper who knows that "Freedom isn't Free." Ever.

And if you haven't already read it, Blackfive has the link to a heartbreakingly beautiful article about Marines with the hardest job of all.

With more and more Marines fighting to remain on duty despite severe injury, the Corps responds with support. And Rightly So has the details.

Speaking of Marines, over at The Gun Line, SGT B takes a fellow Marine to task.

A Rose by Any Other Name has the summary of a column by Nixon's Secretary of Defense, discussing Vietnam, and addressing those who say Iraq is the same. Absolutely fascinating, and a must read.

And finally, a post from AFSis that has a surprising amount of applicability to each of the links above.