20 November, 2005

Warning: Wining Whining Ahead

I am sick of being sick!!!!

Yes, my life is pretty good; there are a ton of ways it could be a whole lot worse. But I still feel rotten and I still wanna whine. If you don't want to read it, go away. :P

I have been sick since a week ago Saturday. Lost my voice around Tuesday (great thing for a music teacher--NOT!). And after seeing the doctor Friday afternoon, taking antibiotics for two days, and laying around all weekend, I'm worse! Fever and anything that goes with that... *grmpf*

At school we're preparing for our Christmas program the 13th of December. We're way behind where we should be... and I have no voice and get dizzy when I demonstrate the choreography. Oooh, fun! /sarcasm. And the way I feel today, I'm beginning to doubt my ability to work tomorrow. Let me tell you, finding a competent music substitute teacher is pretty much impossible. Thus, it would be a wasted day for my students. Oh, and we need to copy the CD with the singing parts for the students to listen to if we're gonna have a chance in hell of not making fools of ourselves on the 13th--but I can't be heard enough to call the person who could do it for me before Monday. *Grrrrrrr*

I have so many Valour-IT phonecalls I need to make--including checking up on some soldiers who have received or may eligible to receive a laptop. But I literally cannot speak enough to be understood on the phone. I need to follow up with a TV news producer, but my fevered brain can't think straight, and I'm in no mood to kiss butt. On Friday a major donor asked about something special she requested, and I can't get ahold of the person I tasked with it until tomorrow afternoon. I want to call Carren and Chuck and see how they are doing prior to his surgery tomorrow, but... yeah, can't talk.

And yes, that last bit is a perfect example of how good my life really is. But that doesn't change my mood. I pushed myself through this all week and I wasn't super-sick, so I figured I could recover over the weekend. Not! *Grrrrrrr*

And you know what the absolute worst thing about being sick is? When you're a single woman living by yourself, there's no one there to take care of you. *whine, whine*

Finally, in an attempt to soothe my mangled throat, I'm now drinking lemon-chamomile tea. Tea always upsets my stomach.


P.S. If anyone emails or IMs me (hint, hint), I promise to be happy and upbeat and funny. ;)

UPDATE: Woke up this morning feeling much worse. Doc said, "Oops, we didnt' give you a strong enough antibiotic. After an hour at the pharmacy, am back in bed, praying for the decongestant to kick in. Yuck!

Huge thanks to my sweet friends who left such kind and amusing comments for me--and emailed me, too! *hugs*