29 December, 2005

Adventures in Sitemeter

A bit of navel-gazing here...

I linked my description of visiting the VA hospital to Mudville Gazette's Open Post, so I've been watching Sitemeter rather closely to see if that's bringing people this direction. It is! I also noticed that somebody from Maywood, CA via Earthlink is at this very moment apparently finding this blog very interesting. So far, they're up to 19 page views in over 100 minutes. I think that's a record for time here! He/she is singlehandedly raising my Page View Average Per Visit and the Average Visit Length by a significant amount, haha!

This made me stop and think... I find it so amazing someone is interested enough in the words I throw out into the ether to spend that kind of time here. The Internet is just a remarkable place, isn't it?

So, hello Maywood, CA Earthlink... I hope you find your time spent here worthwhile.