11 January, 2006

CPT Ziegenfuss Update

CPT Chuck Ziegenfuss, the inspiration and co-creator of Valour-IT is back at Walter Reed for what we all hope will be his final surgery. If all goes well, this surgery will give him at least partial feeling and use of his left hand. Surgery began this morning. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and look for an update from Carren later today.

Update: I called Carren's cell phone this afternoon and Chuck answered! He said the surgery went as expected and they'll be able to judge how successful it might be in a few more days. He sounded very alert and energized, but conversation quickly revealed that he was still a little groggy. As he rather cheerfully said, "I'm awake, but that's about it!" Yup. After talking to him, I'd have to agree. But he sounded good, and it seems everything went well.

Carren's Update