10 January, 2006

Washington Post Readers

Welcome, Washington Post readers! My post about the Army Blog PR push is here. I strongly dispute many of Mr. Arkin's characterizations, and will share my thoughts on it ASAP [Update: my response here].

In the meantime, feel free to look around. Please check out Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT, a charity project providing voice-controlled laptops to soldiers with arm and hand injuries (links on the right). Directly below that are two more sets of links you may find worthwhile: Valour-IT posts, and a "Notable Posts" collection.

Thanks for dropping by!

A friendly note to PR firms, CENTCOM, SOUTHCOM, Pentagon, DoD, and any other "biggies" who are "Googling" me: I am a small, no-name blogger who should never have been mentioned in Mr. Arkins' blog alongside people like Blackfive and Donald Sensing. Though I have some A-list contacts among blogs and milblogs, I have very little reach or impact on issues. However, I welcome your visit and encourage you to take a look around if you're so inclined.