28 January, 2006

Depressive Detritus

Random thoughts in random order...

-The latter half of this week marks the beginning of a devastating loss in my family that occurred 21 years ago. One would think that after 10 or 15 years one gets a reprieve from the yearly whallop. No. One doesn't. Not every year.

-My loss is only one minuscule point in the thousands of losses suffered each day due to disease, accidents, violence, and war. Thousands of points of grief and loss around the world...each of them a crime against humanity.

-There are so many ways for a cruel or immature adult to mess up a kid, and so few ways to fix them once they're broken, especially when you're a teacher.

-I've been a follower of American politics since my early teen years. I never believed it was as broadly and fundamentally morally bankrupt as I think it is now. How these people sleep at night I will never know.

-Never thought I'd say this, especially 'cause I always thought I was an excellent judge of character, and had thus avoided this ugly type until now, but: single men my age are jerks (hence their singleness).

And one bright thought:

-There are still brilliant, informed, grounded people in this world who are also inspirationally idealistic. I'm privileged to know a couple of them.

Update: One more happy thought: my piano, as it often looks in the early evening...