29 January, 2006

The Ride

This is my personal biking goal in the coming weeks: about 24 miles. I had hoped to try it out this weekend, but lack of sleep and other issues prevented it. But it's what I'm working on, and I hope that putting it out there will hold me accountable.

It starts in the southeast corner and ends at the loop in the west. The relatively straight portion pointing northward is a backtrack. The eastern side of the town is near the top of the foothills to some modest mountains (by western standards). Basically, everything that is not close to water is serious hills. It is uphill from the beginning until about the middle of the half-loop that "points" northeast. It's then downhill until the waterfront portion, which consists of a few up/down sections, but no real hills.

I've ridden it almost up to the end of the uphill section (about 12-13 miles round-trip), but have always turned back because I'm afraid I'll get down to the waterfront and not have the strength to go back uphill for the return trip to my car. One of these days I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and do it.

So.... there it is! Twenty-four challenging miles by bike. A month ago I wouldn't have believed it possible, but I know I'm on the edge of having the capacity to do it. I just don't want to let up, so I'm letting you guys in on it.