20 January, 2006

The Life of a Teacher

Bad: Watching the cold eyes of the 5-year-old you know is going to end up on the front pages by age eleven--and not for good reasons.

Good: Absent-mindedly telling the Kindergarteners to line up before you stand up from your position on the floor in a circle with them, thus affording them the opportunity to spontaneously suffocate you with a gang-tackle of giggling hugs as they tell you how much they love you.

Questionable: Watching your glasses fog up from the breath of the nineteen five-year-old germ factories who are gang tackling you with hugs and touching every inch of your exposed skin with hands they haven't washed since that cursory splash of water before lunch.

Necessary: Prayer, patience, and a magical germ shield.

Just another day on the job...