19 January, 2006

Weak Tea

Sorry for the low-quality and self-absorbed focus of the content lately. Personal and professional life is a bit of a challenge at the moment, and it's not leaving many brain cells unengaged.

Please bear with me; I'll try to have something worth reading before the weekend is out. :)

Update: Please send prayers, good vibes, etc., my direction. Today (Friday) and Monday mark a time of intense professional evaluation for me, with an eye towards how well I corrected some serious deficiencies from a few months ago.

Update II: Only about 40% done, but the classroom observation portion is over (I was observed while actively teaching and given instant evaluation). I just had to brag: although direct/whole-group instruction is already considered my strong suit, I've still shown improvement. We are evaluated on a scale of four levels of "effectiveness" as a teacher (there's a range within each level), and I am in the top level for the first time! But now comes the bigger stuff, where I'm not nearly as skilled or confident. I still have a lot to do to show that I'm on top of things in those areas...