30 January, 2006

The President of ABC News "Gets It"

Here is the President of ABC News commenting on the serious injuries suffered by their news anchor and cameraman in an IED explosion in Iraq:

My initial reaction is we've all talked about this as a very real possibility, but this makes it real. I mean, we've talked about it, we knew someone was going to get hurt. We discussed what can we do to try to minimize that risk, how cautious can we be. But now it's really one of us, and two of us, actually.
Excuse my language, but what the hell is he talking about?! The American soldiers who have bled and died in the years since 9-11 aren't "one of us?!" It didn't feel "real" from the very first soldier who fell and died?! That SOB! And these are the same ghouls who counted down (up) to the 2000th death in Iraq with hushed tones and moist eyes, asking if the war was really worth it, and lamenting that the country was "detached" from the story of the war in Iraq, and so decided it would be a public service to spend half an hour reading the names of every soldier who had died. I'm repulsed beyond my ability to express!

If ever there was proof that the media is living in a different world than the rest of the country, this is it. I mean, how can it have taken so long for Westin to realize this is "real?" Does he not attend a church where at least one congregant has a loved one in Iraq? Has he never worked with someone whose son or daughter has been deployed? Does he ever really look at the footage and the stories his network broadcasts? He has obviously never read a blog, never sent a letter to a soldier on the "front lines," never given his time/money to a group collecting for care packages or ministering to the needs of the wounded.

That disgusting, self-absorbed human being is the head of a major media news organization, a leader in the stories and analysis offered up to the masses, and he's only just now finding out that it's real??!

I think I'd better stop now. I don't have the words for how loathesome I find him and his ilk. He makes me sick.