08 March, 2006

Yale and Valour-IT?

Update: Clinton Taylor is expected to be on Fox News tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:50 a.m. He has said he will try to mention Valour-IT specifically. Of course cable TV news is very fluid, so depending on how the segment is structured (interview, debate, etc.), he may not have the opportunity to work it in. But he is very generous to make the attempt. [I don't have cable, so if you get a chance to see it, I'd love to hear how it goes.]

Yale University recently successully recruited a former Taliban spokesman to their campus. Not surprisingly, this has created quite an uproar in some circles. Columnist and Yale alumnus Clinton W. Taylor has suggested a constructive response to Yale's hyprocrisy and moral relativism, encouraging people associated with the university to share their thoughts on the subject:

Feel free to point out the hyprocrisy of Yale’s decision to admit Sayeed Rahmatullah Hashemi, who supported a regime that killed homosexuals, stoned women, tortured/killed many, and destroyed Buddhas, even though Yale keeps ROTC off campus and files briefs with the Supreme Court protesting the military’s right to recruit on campus.

Most importantly, send your money somewhere else. While Yale made a choice to embrace an unapologetic supporter of a regime which oppressed women and sheltered Osama bin Laden, we prefer to aid organizations that support the troops who defeated that barbarous regime. Here are some of our favorites:
Taylor then lists five suggested troop-support charities to which Yale donors should divert their funds--including Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT! And due to his kindness, I received the following email from one of his readers today:

I work as a Business Analyst for _______________.

I got to your site from an excellent article by Clinton Taylor on "Giving Yale the Finger." [snip] Your Valour-IT program was listed, and after reading it, I had a question: Our corporate office just went through an upgrade/standardization whereby they all got either new Desktops or Laptops of the same make and model. In the process, we now have inherited several Laptops, some older, but some less than 2 years old, name brand – Sony, Compaq, Dell, HP…. They are running either Windows 2000 or XP. If we offered to donate these, does your project have the resources to finish outfitting them for the Voice-activation capability?
How kind of Mr. Taylor to mention Valour-IT, and how generous of this company to donate the laptops! Soldiers' Angels (and Valour-IT) are running near empty right now, so this is a wonderful windfall.

As to my opinion about what Yale has done? If additional exposure and some free laptops for Valour-IT are the result, how can I complain? [*wink*]