16 April, 2006

Hilton & Fran O'Brien's:
The Corporate/Political Impact

[Update here]

Over at Andi's place, a commenter ("Lawrence Kelly") whose email address traces to a law firm makes some excellent points about how this PR fiasco will reverberate for the Hilton Corporation unless they get out in front of it soon.

He describes Hilton as simply a real estate franchiser, one who now has a major mistake on their hands:

The decision to eliminate O'Brien's was a classic act of stupidity by an ignorant real estate franchiser. The Board of Directors of Hilton include some people who might actually know some people who might have a clue. [...] What do you think they will say about some ignorant negotiator who overplayed Hilton's hand in throwing Hal and Marty to the curb in Washington D.C.? Washington D.C.!

Thanks for getting that space vacant, idiot. I am sure we will be able to get the gaming tables in (name the state) now under the [congressional/regulations] radar. For the next fifty years Hilton will be living with the consequences on the Hill and in the White House of your ignorance. Good move.

...The only question I have for [Capital Hilton GM] Kelleher is: "Has the Board of Directors given you your two week eviction notice?"
He also makes an interesting observation about the long-term positive impact of what Fran O'Brien's has done. He describes it as a return of the "salon" of JFK's administration that will be a source of national leadership in the years to come. He writes, "An entire generation of new leaders was shaped in that room over the last two and a half years. In addition, the present leadership was brought face to face with the reality of their actions." That's an interesting way of looking at it...

And finally, he includes the following information about Hilton's Board of Directors. Unfortunately, I've already spent far too much time on this today. Anybody up to doing some googling to track down the contact info for these people?

Hilton Corporation Board of Directions:

Donna Tuttle: Partner Elmore/Tuttle Sports Group West Valley City Utah (minor league sports franchises) : President Korn Tuttle Capital Group Los Angeles California
John L. Notter: Chairman and President ; Westlake Properties Inc. Westlake Village California (hotel and real estate development company)
John H. Myers: President and CEO ; GE Asset Management Incorporated ; Stamford Connecticut
Benjamin V. Lambert: Chairman and CEO ; Eastdil Realty Company LLC New York (Real Estate investment bankers)
Christine Garvey: Real Estate Consultant Santa Barbara California
A. Steven Crown: General Partner ; Henry Crown and Company Chicago Illinois (real estate ventures)
Sam D. Young: Chairman Trans West Enterprises ; Reno Nevada
Peter M. George: Senior Vice President International Development ; Harrahs Entertainment, Inc. Las Vegas Nevada (hotel and gaming company)

[Background on the Fran O'Brien's story here.]