25 April, 2006

Fran O'Brien's Archive

I've written so many posts on the Fran O'Brien's mess that I've decided to create this as a one-stop site that I will link to anytime I have a new post about Fran's. The posts linked below include many links to others with more information, so I thought it might also be helpful to anyone hoping to learn more about this ongoing story.

Fuzzilicious Thinking posts on Fran O'Brien's and the Capital Hilton, most recent at the top:

Open Letter to Hilton Corp. - Friendly advice for the corporate offices
Italian Hospitality - The Italian Embassy in DC hosts a dinner
Hilton in the Long-term - Rallying the troops for unconventional warfare
The Fran O'Brien's Issue on CNN - Excellent introductory segment and interview with Jim Meyer
The Latest Developments - Tying up loose ends
Update - "Temporarily closed"
It Ain't Over
- The American Legion steps up
Saying Goodbye - Major media coverge of the last Friday night
The Lights Go Out... - It's a loss for both sides
The Ugliness of Hilton - The more we see of Hilton, the worse they look
Hilton in the Crosshairs - Disabled rights activists join the fray
Closer to the Edge - It doesn't look good
The Story Goes International
Continue the Mission - Update and new contact info
Four More Days for Fran's - Why it matters
Another Insider Speaks - Details from a longtime volunteer

Meeting at Fran's - The get-together and "The Speech"
Buzz on the Warpath - Buzz Patterson's Report
A Quick Note - Some insider info on the Capital Hilton GM
What Now? - Continuing the fight to save Fran's
Why? - The PR fiasco that could've been avoided
Kelleher Answers Bloggers' Questions - Interview with the Capital Hilton GM
The Inner Circle Speaks - Financial supporters of the meal speak up
The Petition - An appeal to the Hilton Corporation
More on Fran O'Brien's vs. Hilton - The Scripps-Howard news story
The Corporate/Political Impact - The long-term view
The Italian Connection - The Italian embassy and Finmeccanica
The Fran's Story Hits the Bigtime - WaPo's story on the front page of the City Section
Hilton's Behaviour, in a Nutshell - The depth of Capital Hilton's PR incompetency
Hilton Replies - Capital Hilton's initial response
Fran O'Brien's Update - Background on Fran's, and the developing story
Save Fran O'Brien's - The beginning of it all

Other bloggers with extensive coverage: Mudville Gazette, Andi's World, Blackfive