14 April, 2006

Interview the Hilton Management

[Background on the Fran O'Brien's story here.]

Andi of Andi's World received a call from the manager of the Capital Hilton this afternoon and had the chance to ask him a few questions. He agreed to answer additional questions that would be submitted by email. Andi is collecting questions in the comments section at her place. Questions must be submitted by Monday.

She also includes this revealing description of part of their conversation:

This situation has highlighted the power of MilBlogs. When I asked Kelleher if he was familiar with MilBlogs, he responded, "oh yeah." It wasn't so much his answer that convinced me we were having an impact, it was the tone of his voice. My guess is that he didn't know what a MilBlog was this time last week. Kelleher also admitted that he is being inundated with email, so thanks to everyone for applying the pressure.
So, pat yourselves on the back, guys; they heard from you, loud and clear. Don't let up yet, though. They've got a lot of questions to answer.