08 April, 2006

Shiny New Laptop

Well, I had to bite the bullet and do something about my computing troubles. I'm typing this post on a shiny new Compaq Presario (yes, I paid a lot less than the price listed, but thank God for empty credit cards with special offers of super-low interest for the life of the balance!).

My two previous laptops were rebuilds with older technology (one very old). This new one is gonna be fun! I didn't even want the "brite" screen style and the widescreen, but I'm enjoying the clarity, having all that space to work in and the ability to play DVDs anywhere. And volume keys for when I'm listening to the radio online? So cool! And it can hibernate and hold two USB devices at the same time? Yay!!! And it even fits in my old laptop bag...

It has about the same basic computing power as my last laptop (though with slightly slower processing speed, unfortunately), but it seems a lot sturdier and better-constructed. It definitely runs cooler, too.

I feel guilty for spending what is a lot of money in my eyes on myself. But when my laptop broke I realized how lost I was without it. I was reminded that the few radio stations I can receive in this house are rarely worth listening to, I struggled with how to dress when I had no idea what the weather report was (no local weather on the radio before 7:00), and was very frustrated by my inability to use my mp3 player during bike rides... not to mention how isolated from my online friends I was! I know, such a terribly hard life I led without a laptop... ;) But I'm so grateful to be in a position to get another one.

Seriously, it was kind of scary to realize how much I've come to rely on my laptop since I moved here. But technology is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

P.S. Anybody know anything about getting fingerprints off these super-shiny screens?