27 May, 2006

There was once something else in this space.

I have twice in the last two days posted and removed essays about the Marines and Haditha. I've struggled to balance my desire to speak out with the ethics and morality of whether this was the appropriate time to do so. I've decided it is not. Until we know what really happened, this is my opinion on the matter:

We don't have all the facts, but we have a lot of reason to worry. If the Marines rumored to be about to be charged are found guilty, I hope they fry; they would need to pay not only for the lives devastated and destroyed, but for damage to the country and Corps. Until then, I have my own thoughts and theories and worries. But they are of no value right now except in discussions among friends. Speaking of, this is what one said to me:

Well, the thing to remember is that it's important to minimize political pressure on the process, even if it is true and the men are guilty. If they are guilty, they deserve the punishment they will get, and shouldn't be allowed to escape it by claiming that political pressure kept them from getting a fair trial and/or caused them to face more serious charges or a sterner punishment than was warranted.

The [exculpatory] sketch I offered was only a hypothetical -- not what I believe really happened, as I don't know what happened well enough to say, but just a possible scenario. It could be that they are indeed guilty, both of wanton murder and a coverup.

If so, let's not give their lawyers an out.
Okay. On that basis I will "stand down." But don't for a moment consider the quietness on the topic on this blog an acceptance or tolerance of any illegal or immoral behavior by our warfighters.