24 May, 2006

The War at Home

Steve Shippert of Threats Watch puts forth what could be called a MilBlog Manifesto over at MilBlogs. It's a must-read, and it's inspiring fascinating conversation. He writes, in part:

Something has happened to this country that my grandfathers would scarcely recognize and certainly struggle to fathom. That this requires discussion disgusts me daily.

...And such is the nature of the degeneration of American politics. That this repulsive decay also consumes the very defense of the world's one true beacon of freedom causes true physical discomfort. For we do not own that freedom but are tasked with her defense and care by default.
Go and read it all.

I responded to his first posting with the following comment that conveys my thoughts on the issue:
Hear, hear!

The most important battlegrounds are around our dinner tables and in intelligent and persuasive common sense discussion among our peers, seeking the discomfort of battle and the very defense of defense rather than the comfort and unproductive endeavor of agreement among friends.

But that is exactly why I (to my utter shame) don't enter into discussion and persuasion among my peers. For I find as soon as I open my mouth I am looked on with either amusement or disgust... but never with open-mindedness, interest, or a willingness to engage. And thus I come to the conclusion that it is better to maintain harmony in social and work circles than to fight the futile battle with closed or willfully-ignorant minds.

As Valour-IT has gotten more attention and since I am now pursuing a job in the area of military family support, my role in Valour-IT comes up more in my local life. And I find that I am looked at incredulously by some and with suspicion by others. I.E. "Are you one of those war-monger types or something?"

I fear that maybe it is too late. But then again, I'm not a member of this august blog because I have no specialty in military or foreign policy. Hopefully I'm wrong...